Custom cookies

Thank you for your continued support of my small home business❤️
UPDATE on my availability for custom cookie bookings:
*Fully booked until 27 June 2022
I’m offering SAVE THE DATE in 2022 – claim a spot on my calendar for your upcoming event/s!
If you know the date you require your custom cookies but don’t know the theme/colour/design etc, you can reserve a spot on my calendar (space permitting).
You then need to advise what you want a minimum of 1 month out from your event.

My cookies are handmade and hand decorated with royal icing. I  then use royal icing, fondant, edible sugar decorations and edible paint to decorate them.  They are custom made for your special occasion,  and these delicious cookies are made with fresh quality ingredients (I only use butter) … tasting as good as they look.

All my cookies are cut and decorated to order.  Take them to your next gathering – wedding, birthdays, baby shower, corporate events … anywhere.

I use my 3D printer to create custom shaped cookie cutters, so I can make almost any shaped cookie you’d like!

Creating custom cookies is a very labour-intensive process involving mixing, rolling, cutting, baking, decorating and packaging.  Many hours over a few days can be spent just on one order.

Price guide

Small are usually $2.50 – $3.50
Medium are usually $3.50 – $6.00
Large are usually $6.00 – $8.00

Why aren’t specific cookie prices listed?
The above is a general guide only.  I cannot offer a complete price list for all my decorated cookies as each design has so many variables. Custom made cookies don’t fit neatly into categories. Prices depend on size AND quantity AND complexity of design/personalization.

Please contact me for a quote by going to the CONTACT page.  Please include all details of the cookies you’d like, including your delivery suburb, as this will let me send you a full quote.

General questions

Do you use butter or margarine?

I only use Australian butter for all my baking needs.  As a result the cookies have a shorter shelf life but taste SO much better!

What flavours are your cookies?

I specialise in gingerbread, vanilla and chocolate decorated cookies.  My gingerbread is European in style and comes in family friendly and spicy.  The vanilla cookies aren’t overly sweet to allow for the royal icing decorations to balance the flavours.

How much notice do you need to place an order?                                                                        

A minimum of 14 days is required to confirm an order.  However, if I have a slot I may accept an order of less than 14 days, but the cost of each cookie will be increased to allow my schedule to be adjusted … and less sleep to be had!

Do you require a deposit and or full payment?       

I now require 100% payment to confirm and book an order.  Until this has been paid, the date and order is not confirmed.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order for custom cookies is 12, with a minimum of 4 cookies per design/character etc.

How long does it take to make and decorate cookies?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but after lots of trial & error I find this works the best for me!

  • Day 1 make the dough and rest in the fridge
  • Day 2 bake the cookies, pack and store in airtight containers
  • Day 3 decorate the cookies (if a complicated design and lots of drying time is required, this stage may take 2 days)
  • Day 4 pack and deliver

Do you cater to special dietary requirements?

If possible we are happy to accommodate your request but please discuss prior to placing an order.

What happens if I want a specific icing/fondant colour?

I will try and match any colour/s you may want as close as possible, but please provide a reference point for matching e.g. PMS colour or paint swatch. Plus please discuss prior to placing an order.

Can I put a picture or logo on a cookie?

I frequently make logo cookies for businesses. The price will depend upon the level of detail and design and the size of the cookie. I work to match colours as closely as possible, but the edible ink may render colours and logo with slight variations. The edible icing sheets I use have a soft non-grainy texture that melts in your mouth with a delicious vanilla taste.